Handelsblatt dithyrambs for Elliniko: The largest development project in Europe

According to the newspaper, “there have been plans and disputes for almost two decades” Extensive publication of the financial Handelsblatt is mentioned in the opening ceremony of the Elliniko. Under the headline “Greece implements Europe’s largest urban development project”, the newspaper notes that the renovation of the “airport-ghost in Elliniko” has officially begun. For Greece,…

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Loutraki Casino joins the Comer group

The Loutraki Casino share transfer agreement was signed last night. Information about the price and huge debts of the company. What the completion of the transaction will depend on. After nearly a year and a half of tough negotiations between the Israeli shareholders of Loutraki Casino, Mr. Bublil and Gigal Zilha, an agreement was signed…

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The Athens Mall “gilds” Lamda Development

Lamda Olympia Village (LOV) pays Lamda Development 61 million euros in dividends and a refund. Agreement with National Bank of Greece (NBG) for loan refinancing. LOV’s contribution to Lamda Malls before its admission to the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE). Its 100% subsidiary Lamda Olympia Village (LOV), whose main activity is the exploitation of the “The…

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