Conditions of entry to Greece to limit the spread of COVID-19 until 22/07/2021. Conditions for travel to the islands until 26/07/2021.

Prohibitions of third-country nationals. Conditions for passengers to enter Greece for flights from abroad: According to the aviation directive, third-country nationals are prohibited from entering the country other than the EU and the Schengen Agreement, including their spouses or persons with whom they have cohabitation agreement as well as their minor children. Excludes passengers traveling…

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Risk of blackouts in real estate transfers

The “electronic building ID” threatens sales and parental benefits. The possibility of extending the measure is open. Exclusively electronic real estate sales from June 29, 2021 The “electronic building identity” threatens to put “ice” in the real estate transfers, which have taken over after the announcement of the new objective values. From July 1, no…

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