Tours for real estate

The GREKDOM company together with the travel company Nomos Travel have developed and successfully organize tours for customers who want to buy property in Greece.

The following are a few options for staying in Greece with the aim of buying property.

The basic program of a real estate tour includes:

– Arrival, meeting at the airport with company representatives, individual transfer to the selected hotel. After placement – final approval of the program with our representative.

– Inspection of objects (if necessary and desired, re-inspection of objects), acquaintance with the infrastructure and architecture of the selected area, inspection of cultural attractions, as well as visits to local Greek taverns during stops; preliminary consultation and approval of details with a company lawyer. Signing a mediation contract. Inspection of real estate. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the infrastructure of the selected area, see cultural attractions, and also visit local Greek taverns during stops.

Meeting with company lawyers. Opening a bank account, obtaining a TIN. If desired, a meeting with a representative of the construction department of the company.

It is also possible to consult a GREKDOM realtor who will consult in detail on all matters related to the purchase of real estate. After the consultation, on the selected day, a survey of real estate will be organized.

This option is suitable for tourists who want to get information about real estate, as well as relax on the sunlit Greek beaches.

There is always the opportunity to arrange for our clients individual tours of inspection of real estate. The cost of such programs varies depending on the chosen airline, the number of days in the country, the category of hotel, the number of trip participants, the type of ground transport for transfer, etc.

Upon individual requests, programs for inspecting real estate by helicopter, as well as on yachts from the sea, can be developed.

For more information, please contact company representatives.