Construction on the islands. Strict rules.

More stringent building rules on the islands will apply after a decision by the Council of State. The Supreme Court agrees with the need to increase the limit for marking up plots by 8 sweeps for new sites that will arise upon the adoption of a new bill while limiting the construction area and more stringent compliance with the rules in all areas outside the plan and settlements in order to protect and not continue to change the nature of Greece’s exceptional sensitivity. The State Council, agreeing to fulfill the building permits issued earlier under a more favorable regime, refutes the possibility of applying the previous regime for applications submitted to the Urban Planning Authority to issue a construction permit, since the island landscape needs special state care and protection, the state has not been studied the question of how much the application of more favorable conditions for construction can harm the appearance of island areas. At the same time, he rejects the provisions that generally allow the construction of underground structures on the islands without preliminary documentary assessment of the new method of construction, which is considered constitutionally necessary in order to avoid affecting the nature and character of each region. As mentioned in the newspaper Efnos, the fifth department of the State Council approved a lawful program under the Presidential Decree, which makes stricter rules for building off-plan on the islands, it was aimed at finalizing shortly before the election, and therefore should be adopted by the current government. The Supreme Court emphasizes, however, that the state must ensure the rapid promotion of this program, which meets the constitutional requirements for the protection of the environment.

The program provides the following in detail.

The program applies to all islands except Crete and Euboea.

New sites with a limit for marking up plots for 8 bastings with a front side of 45 meters on a public road for living, offices, shops, restaurants, etc., for tourist sites – 15 bastards and a similar situation. They are considered integral and suitable for the construction of a site in 4 stumps, already existing before the adoption of the new presidential decree, are considered integral and still in force, thus allowing construction to be carried out on sites up to 27-8-02 in 2 stumps with the front side onto a public road.

Allowed to create solid sites by combining.

The construction of 200 sq.m. is allowed on sites in 8 stumps, and 150 sq.m in 4 storms The area for construction increases slightly according to the mathematical formula with the increase in the area of ​​the property. On uninhabited islands, repairs or construction of small buildings (maximum 100 sq.m.) are allowed to meet the needs of national defense and security, agriculture, livestock, science, archeology. The development of tourist facilities is allowed, if this is provided for by special planning of a strategic or local nature. The height of the buildings does not exceed 7.50 meters and on the Cyclades islands – 4.5 meters. Especially in the Cyclades, where the volume of buildings exceeds 450 cubic meters, it should be dispersed. Prefabricated or collapsible settlements, mobile homes or structures on stilts are not allowed, while solar water heaters, renewable energy and air conditioning facilities in open space are allowed only in places that are not visible to everyone. Electricity and telephone installations are located in recesses.