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Seaplanes: The creation of waterways throughout Greece is in progress

The goal is to have about 150 waterways operating in five years, creating the largest network in all of Europe. The mega project of seaplanes and the operation of seaports are getting closer and closer to the sea, as their construction and licensing procedures are in full swing throughout Greece. About 150 waterways The goal…

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New projects on the changing Piraeus street

After the gradual withdrawal of industrial enterprises from the Renti, Tavros, Moschato and Eleonas districts, a large number of abandoned or dormant properties were created, some of which began to be used as cultural sites, while others were converted into commercial areas. At the institutional level, various renovation studies have been carried out over the…

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Forest map publication starts today

As announced by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the publication of forest maps for the regions of Kavala, Pieria, Drama, Arcadia, Kastoria, Lefkada, Kefalonia and Zakynthos is starting today. The publication will take place after the enactment of the Law on Environment 4685/2020 and the constant cooperation of the Ministry of Environment and Energy…

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