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Villa in Sani, Chalkidiki

Villa in Sani, Chalkidiki

Location: Sani, Chalkidiki, Greece



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Bedrooms: 6
Bathrooms: 6
Area: 368 sq.m.
Year of construction: 1998
Lot Size: 1547 sq.m.


In Sani, in the village of Stavronikita, there is a villa surrounded by greenery for exclusive and most demanding clients. The total area of ​​the villa is 370 sq.m. in the center of 1.540 sq.m. plot, on the territory of which there is a large kiosk, surrounded by a landscaped garden, as well as a barbecue and kitchen oven. Also in the garden there is an underground water tank of 35 m3 and an underground machine room with pumps, desalting and water-treating mechanisms. There is also an underground reservoir for gas, which serves to supply the boiler. The whole villa is located on three levels. On the first level, on which there is also a large swimming pool, there are three bedrooms, one of which has an adjoining room, while the other two have a common adjoining room with its autonomous kitchen. All bedrooms are equipped with their own bathrooms and overlook the pool. At this level there is an autonomous storage space. The next level has a living room with a fireplace, and next to it is a large kitchen with its dining table, a hall and a toilet for visitors. The living room and kitchen open onto a large furnished balcony. On the upper level there is a large bedroom with its own bathroom and two children’s bedrooms, which in turn have separate bathrooms. The bedroom, as well as one of the children’s bedrooms, opens onto a balcony overlooking the pool, while the other children’s bedroom has a window. The villa has two independent covered parking spaces located on the site itself. The garden is fully landscaped and equipped with autonomous watering system. In addition, the water tank and pool are connected to a permanent private fire extinguishing system. It should be noted that the villa is independent of the other houses of the village and has a panoramic view of the sea and Mount Olympus.

Energy class – C

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