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Plot in Peloponnese

Plot in Peloponnese

Location: Greece, Peloponnese


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Lot Size: 60000 кв.м


This fantastic estate with a surface of 60,000 sqm is located on the edge of the famous Lemon Forest of the island of Poros and offers independence to its potential owner, while giving the feeling of a private island. It is worth mentioning that this Island For Sale Located Opposite of Poros is not cut off from the mainland and so it is also accessible from the road. The stately hill at the center of the small peninsula and the morphology of the ground offer spectacular views across the island of Poros, as well as the endless blue of the Argosaronic Gulf.
At its entrance there is a small and picturesque lagoon offering the opportunity to construct a private marina. It is surrounded by crystal clear waters and there are also two small sandy beaches exclusively used by the owner. The full of trees and verdant peninsula is divided through nature trails formed by hikers over time.
It is just 1 mile away from the picturesque island of Poros and 30 minutes away from Athens by boat. The estate has also a building permit for residential construction.
Potential for the construction of private docking area.

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