Properties: One click construction terms in the Coronavirus era

Properties: One click construction terms in the Coronavirus era

The countdown to drawing up the single digital property map has begun

The whole environment is being digitized in which engineers, investors and private individuals will work from now on. The countdown to compiling the single digital map has already begun. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has made it imperative to digitize all services. And this gap that exists today in the organization of space and in lending to investments comes to fill the digital map.

What does this mean? It means that at the push of a button – without having to visit the relevant public services – an individual, engineer or businessman will be able to be informed of the building conditions applicable to the area of ​​interest, land uses, boundaries of settlements, forests, archaeological and protected areas.

The suggestion is that a new “town planning tool” should be implemented in Patra, in Kalamata, in Heraklion of Crete, in a municipality of the Mediterranean (not yet reached), in a municipality of Thessaloniki (the area of Kalamaria gathers most chances) and in Kozani. The Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG) experts set 2 criteria to get it started: there is a lot of data available and a lot of planning problems.

The Technical Chamber of Greece estimates that in 2 years 70% of the information will be uploaded to the digital map, in three it will be a functional “planning tool”, and in five years all the information will be available and the map will be completely operating.


Meanwhile, the Joint Ministerial Decision on the assignment of the project was signed by the Deputy Minister of the Environment Dimitris Oikonomou and the relevant Ministers: minister of State and Digital Governance Kyriakos Pierrakis, minister of Development and Investments Adonis Georgiadis and minister of  National Defense Nikos Panagiotopoulos. The single digital map seeks, as mentioned above, to provide a transparent and simple framework for the organization of space and the licensing of investments and thus to cease to be one of the main maladies of the Greek economy. After all, there are dozens of problems in promoting and lending every kind of investment – from the smallest to the largest in recent decades in Greece.

As the TCH explain, all information is intended to be provided free of charge or at a small fee for the issuance of specific documents. And with this information, a building permit can be issued through the online licensing system that has been in operation for two years.

It can then be issued by itself or an interconnected system and any installation or operating license to virtually eliminate bureaucracy and hassle in preparing, launching and operating any type of investment.


“The single digital map simplifies the business environment, makes urban planning information transparent and accessible to all, and promotes investment,” said TCH President Georgios Stasinos. “The ultimate goal is for any citizen, engineer or investor from their home or office to press a button on their computer to get complete, valid and institutionally secure information, with administrative power, about what’s allowed, what’s prohibited, on what terms and conditions, to make what he is interested in.”

It is noted that, among other things, the single digital map will click on the background of the Land Registry, which means that it will include the building and layout line, the boundaries of the forest areas, the boundaries of the protected areas and the archaeological sites. In addition, with the completion of land registration throughout the country, the boundaries of all land plots will be added. The prospect is to be the extracted element of the digital map information system administrative act.