Investment of 165 million euros in Scorpios

The first Greek private island that is transformed into a high standard tourist resort intended for the jet set will be the “Scorpio” in the Municipality of Meganisi that was bought in 2013 by the Russian tycoon Dmitry Ribolovlev from Athena Onassis. The decision signed by the Deputy Minister of Development and Investment N. Papathanasis, and the two Deputy Ministers of Environment and Energy N. Tagaras and D. Economou shortly before the expiration of 2020 gives the opportunity to start the main projects in the area through an investment of 165 million euros that the Russian billionaire will implement with his own funds. It is one of the largest investments in the field of real estate development and tourism, which has a horizon of completion in the summer of 2024, with the representative and advisor of the Ribolovlev family Sergei Chernitsyn having “matured” the project.

What does the investment include?

According to the Joint Ministerial Decision (JMC) for the approval of the location of the investment plan named “construction and operation of a luxury tourist unit VIP Exclusive Club on the island of Scorpios”, the preliminary construction works, which have been implemented to date, will be followed by the main works in total area 431 acres. In total, the maximum construction amounts to 21.5 thousand sq.m of which about 4 thousand sq.m and 17.5 thousand sq.m concern existing properties for renovation and new buildings, respectively. The construction of four swimming pools is foreseen, with the possibility of constructing an additional one per building unit.

The projects, which are expected to be completed in the summer of 2024, will be implemented in nine building units that include:

  • The “pink villa”, a two-storey building with a total construction of 365 sq.m. In 2014, the Russian billionaire maintained the exterior of the surrounding area and the pink color of the house, completely restored the interior of the pink villa, leaving the ceilings and doors intact. The 180-year-old building, which spans two levels, existed on the island before Onassis and was used as a stable. During his days Onassis reconstructed it, painted it pink and Christina, after the birth of Athena, renovated it. On the ground floor, the Ribolovlev family has created a museum with objects, photographs of the Greek Croesus and the telephone devices used by the family at the time, as the island had an internal telephone network.
  • Main tourist building complex 9.4 thousand sq.m. This is a hotel complex that includes the main residence (Master Suite), two large villas (VIP1, VIP2) and medium-sized villas (VIP3, VIP4, Guest Pavilion 1,2). The main tourist complex also includes areas that serve the main and auxiliary functions of the tourist facility, such as conference center, restaurant, wellness center, projection room and entertainment area, kitchens, laundry, catering, storage, etc., as well as swimming pools and swimming pool facilities. Both the pink villa and the tourist complex of 9.4 thousand sq.m belong to the first building unit.
  • Four independent villas, with a total construction of 1,320 sq.m, which will be located in an area of ​​10.2 acres (building unit 2)
  • Complex of sports facilities and culture with a total construction of 4 thousand sq.m. It will include, among others, an open 5 × 5 football pitch, sport and tennis courts, a space for theater and cultural activities, temporary guest rooms (sportsmen, doctors, etc.), a bowling, common staff areas with kitchen, gym and lounge areas, doctor’s office, treatment area and first aid center. As for the initially planned architectural landmark with a roof of light construction of 15 meters, it will not be implemented, as provided by the JMC.
  • Service facilities for bathers on the east beach, “with special use that does not change the general destination of the property” and construction of 403.5 sq.m of which correspond to 148.5 sq.m and 255 sq.m in existing and new construction, respectively. These facilities will be located in the fourth building unit with an area of ​​1.2 thousand sq.m.
  • Villa of the manager of Scorpios and waiting area of ​​a helipad with a total construction of 340 sq.m, which will be located in a total area of ​​3 acres (building unit 5). It is noted that the helipad is very close to the waiting area.
  • The existing staff building, total construction 592 sq.m, with residential use and existing building total construction 881 sq.m which includes ancillary infrastructure (machine maintenance area). According to the JMC, the implementation of repair and renovation works in these two buildings is foreseen, so that, for example, the staff facilities can accommodate beds or be installed with photovoltaic. New two-storey building with a roof with the use of a residence for the staff, as well as a desalination pumping station. These four properties (two of which already exist) will be located in an area of ​​3.2 acres (building unit 6).
  • New building with all the necessary infrastructure for hosting horses that will have a special area for hosting small pets. It is also planned to upgrade the existing equestrian arena, to configure the surrounding area to serve visitors with a horse training field and to upgrade the outdoor basketball and football courts. These facilities belong to the seventh building zone of 4.7 thousand sq.m known as the “Arena, Stables and Pet Garden”.
  • New building with outdoor swimming pool of 75 sq.m, located at a distance of at least 10 m from the forest zone of absolute protection. It belongs to building unit 8 which is known as “House of the Hill”.
  • Amphitheater developed on the basis of the natural terrain. In the first level of the amphitheater, below the stage, the construction of auxiliary spaces for the actors and the public is foreseen, such as dressing rooms, storage rooms, WC, as well as an independent small refreshment room. These facilities belong to the ninth and last building unit of four acres.

The infrastructure

The existing road network, for which only minor adjustments and improvements in layout and connections are foreseen, is 6.3 km long, including dirt roads. Eight more facilities are planned of wastewater treatment plants, three desalination plants, electric vehicle parking, a subterranean wastewater treatment network, local irrigation networks with treated wastewater, an electrical interconnection (by submarine), medium voltage power supply, and low voltage networks. As well as the creation of a mobile telephony base station near the helipad, a fiber optic network placed along the road network, but also the extension of the existing quay at the “Christina” pier.