Building license

  1. In accordance with the provisions of Section 1 of Law 4030/2011, a building permit is necessary for any construction work, such as:
  2. Demolition of buildings.
  3. Excavation, backfilling, sprinkling, configuration of land for the purpose of construction.
  4. Scaffolding.
  5. Construction, repair of buildings and structures.
  6. Modification and repair of facades using scaffolding.
  7. Change in use, in the event of a change for the worse, in the design load on the building or in the number of required parking spaces.
  8. Construction and addition of a structure of any kind not defined in paragraphs 2 and 3.
  9. Installation of fences that are not defined in paragraph 3.
  10. Construction of underground tanks.
  11. The approval of small-scale works is required to carry out the following actions in buildings that exist legally:
  12. Test trenches and excavation after issuing a document from a competent archaeological service.
  13. Installation of prefabricated housing for disadvantaged and special population groups, as determined in each case.
  14. Pumping installations and structures with the dimensions necessary for their living in accordance with Article 3 of the Presidential Decree 24 / 31.5.1985 (Δ’ 270), except for the cases when the installation of support poles is necessary with the necessary approval of the competent Agricultural Department.
  15. Drilling operations on private land within the plan or within a site or site within the plan after approval by the municipality of the region and the competent administration of the administrative district.
  16. The work necessary for geological engineering research in accordance with the Antiseismic Regulations of Greece (JAC 2003), not taking into account the work on the installation of fasteners.
  17. Installation of temporary structures with a certificate of static efficiency.
  18. The design of the elevator in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 27, required for the movement of disabled people or people with disabilities in existing buildings.
  19. Cutting down trees within the framework of an approved city plan or in areas of controlled construction (Z.O.E.) that are not protected by the provisions for the protection of forests and forest lands in general or by the provisions of archaeological legislation or legislation on protected areas or other relevant legislation. No license is required for cutting trees under excavation in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph, with the exception of permits and approvals required by the specific provisions of the previous paragraph.
  20. Underground stations for the distribution or measurement and regulation of gas. The approval of small-scale works is issued by the competent construction service, after the filing of the application by the owner or the person who has the legal right to do so, which is accompanied by an engineering report. According to the decision of the Minister of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change, a procedure for issuing approvals for small-scale work and each relevant issue is established.
  21. A building permit or approval of small-scale work is not required in the following cases:
  22. Minor internal repairs or reconstruction works that do not affect the load-bearing structure of the building or its facades, including structures necessary for moving or any kind of service for the disabled or people with disabilities (the construction of an elevator is not included in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 27).
  23. Internal and external painting or replacement of the fence without the use of scaffolding.
  24. Replacement or repair of floors.
  25. Maintenance, repair or rebuilding of installations and pipes of buildings.
  26. Replacement of internal or external windows and doors of one opening.
  27. Maintenance, repair of roofs without the use of scaffolding.
  28. Simple walling using masonry up to one meter (1.00 m) high or enclosing with lightweight material without using a tie beam at sites in unplanned areas. Also, demarcation by means of piles to a site or site is allowed.
  29. Installation of gazebos at ground level living space in the open air or the surrounding open space. Installation of home fires, stoves and fireplaces in the interior.
  30. Installation of an uncoated tank for water or a pool with a maximum area of ​​50 sq.m., which are serviced by external systems of the compact type, the installation of which does not require reinforced concrete walls, provided that the height of all structures at any level should not exceed one meter ( 1.00 m) from the ground level, when there is no need for excavation or backfilling with earth larger than 1.00 m for their installation and, while maintaining the necessary landings, the required open space. Installation requires a statement from a competent engineer who takes responsibility for the safety of static and electromechanical installations.
  31. Slightly shaping the site with a stone to plus / minus 0.50 m. From ground level.
  32. Installation and air conditioners and wall-mounted gas boilers for heating and hot water supply in existing buildings in accordance with paragraph 10 of Article 16, the installation of a number of wall-mounted gas boilers for heating or hot water on the ground floor of residential open premises, the installation of gas supply, regulation and measurement systems ( regulators, meters, pipes), installation of systems for the combined production of heat and electricity of high efficiency, ground stations for the distribution or measurement and regulation of gas in accordance with you.
  33. Installation of solar water heaters in accordance with paragraph 2 and 3 of Article 19.
  34. Installation of green roofs and platforms.
  35. Installing external thermal insulation or passive solar systems outside existing buildings, if they do not alter their facades.


To complete the above-mentioned works, it is necessary to submit a written notice of their implementation to the competent authority within 48 hours, which you can be informed about at the local police station. According to a presidential decree issued at the suggestion of the Minister of Environmental Protection, Energy and Climate Change, other cases may be identified in addition to the foregoing, when a building permit is not required, but approval of small-scale works or informing the competent service should take place under the conditions mentioned in paragraphs 1 and 3.

  1. In the following cases, work is carried out without a building permit in accordance with the conditions specified by the competent construction service and after submitting an application for supervision by a competent engineer, which is submitted to the local police station:
  2. demolition of structures or buildings that are characterized as dangerously dilapidated, in accordance with the applicable provisions regarding dangerous buildings, in accordance with paragraph 8 of Article 6 of this Law;
  3. the implementation of security measures established by the competent construction service in a building or structure declared dangerous in accordance with applicable regulations;
  4. demolition or restoration of structures finally characterized as arbitrary in accordance with applicable relevant provisions.
  5. An arbitrary construction for demolition is any construction that is being performed or is completed:
  6. without a building permit or approval of small-scale works or written information, as defined in this article;
  7. in excess of a building permit;
  8. based on a permit that has been revoked or revoked;
  9. in violation of general or particular provisions and the maximum permissible deviations.
  10. In the case of arbitrary construction, in which the applicable building codes or standards existing at the time of construction are observed, it can be legalized after the issuance or revision of a building permit.

After the adoption or revision of the aforementioned building permit, the construction ceases to be arbitrary and subject to demolition. The penalty for arbitrary construction is not imposed in case of revision of the building permit, which is valid, while maintaining the profile of the structure, building density coefficient and volume factor.

  1. By decision of the ministers of national defense and environmental protection, energy and climate change, the conditions and procedure for issuing construction permits for the implementation of military facilities are determined.

8. By decision of the Ministers of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change and Infrastructure, Transport and Communications, the conditions and procedure for obtaining a building permit for the construction of works or objects on the territory of civil airports, navigation objects of civil aviation services and port zones, as well as all relevant details.